Snowy Tree Silhouette

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I pulled the car over to the edge of the road and my friend and I jumped out, grabbed our cameras and tripods and left the car running. There wasn’t much time left to capture the fleeting rays of sun.

Brent and I searched for a composition and started shooting. The sun lasted only about a minute before it ducked under the western horizon. That doesn’t stop a good photographer though. We kept shooting, enjoying the blue hour beauty.

When shooting during the blue hour it’s critical to have a tripod and a time-delay or remote shutter trigger to limit camera shake. This is important as the reduced light demands longer exposures.

What I particularly enjoyed about the spot was the textured snow and the wind-whipped jet streams. I kept shooting until my camera battery died and my fingers were sufficiently frozen. The warm car beckoned and I crunched my way back through the knee-deep snow.

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