A Visit to Queen Anne Hill

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I recently needed to travel to Seattle for a meeting with colleagues from several sister organizations. I arrived the night before to ensure I would make the morning meeting.

Kerry Park Vista

After picking up my rental car, I called my excellent photo research assistant (aka my wife) and laid out my plans for the evening. I hoped to shoot the city skyline. She went to work and before long texted me a link to a new vantage point of the Emerald City. The spot is a well known haunt for photographers and tourists, but was one I hadn’t ever visited.

Mount Rainier Over Seattle

I arrived before sunset at Kerry Park. The view of the city is stunning, especially on days when Mount Rainier can be clearly seen on the horizon. I shared the park with several photographers and a small crowd of tourists.

Night on Seattle

As the evening progressed, the crowds thinned out and I was alone with a few couples enjoying the view after dinner. Later that night, in my hotel room, I decided to get up early enough to shoot the sunrise the next morning at the same spot. I’m really glad I did.

Queen Ann Vista
Seattle by Morning

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